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Newtonian Power/Filter Slide Binoviewer/Single Eyepiece System
Newtonian Binoviewer System

Designed for use in Newtonian reflectors, the Newtonian Binoviewer System is priced at $869.00 and comes complete in a black protective case with user instruction manual....just add eyepieces!!.

The integrated "All In One" Power/Filter Slide System allows the user to instantly select between three magnifications and two filter modes without leaving the eyepieces.

With the added feature of a quick release dovetail adapter, the user can switch from binoviewer to single eyepiece mode in seconds. A dovetailed 2" eyepiece receptacle with 1.25" adapter is included.

The unique modular corrector system can easily be adjusted and locked-in to your Newtonian's focus requirements.

Quality and craftmanship backed by our commitment to customer service makes the EarthWin Newtonian Binoviewer System an excellent choice at an affordable price.


  • Patented Power/Filter Slide System
  • 26mm Clear Aperture Binoviewer
  • Newly Designed Self-Centering Dioptors
  • 40mm Multi-Coated Optics
  • Ergonomic Thumb-Tab Selectors
  • Protective Black Case with Die-cut Foam